In the development of the mission and vision of the center, different research projects have been formulated, managed and articulated, among which the following should be highlighted:


Participating institutions

Early Detection of Dengue Transmission (DEN) based on molecular diagnosis and environmental and climatic information: Pilot in Santiago de Cali, Department of Valle del Cauca, Colombia

International Zika cohort study on women in pregnancy and infants (ZIP)

Evaluation of a Dengue Rapid Diagnostic Device Based on Immunochromatographic Test Technology for the Identification of Causative Etiological Agents in Persons Exhibiting Signs and Symptoms of Febrile Illnesses – DENV Detect™ Rapid Test

Sentinel Surveillance Pilot System in health centers of Cali, Villavicencio and Cúcuta, Colombia

Genomic characterization of cancer in Colombia

Epidemiological characterization of influenza virus in swine

Characterization of exposure and epidemiology in an endemic scenario for flavivirus